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Ayurvedic Treatment To Soothe Your Senses With Our Touch Of Care And Compassion

Not just a treatment Kiosk, an ambiance serene and calm, with medicated plants and rare herbs, where the air carries the scent of tulsi and neem, the Kshetraayur, an experience of unwinding the innerself and taking a rebirth. It‘s Ayurveda the forgotten way. It’s nature in its big hearted abundance.

A Shangrila with everything at places they should be. Take a break from the usual targets, the deadlines, the Monday morning blues. Come back to nature, wipe away your worries, the worries of growing up, the anxieties of bringing up, the sadness of setback, the burden of success, the gloom of loneliness, the trial of crowd, the fatigue of miles and the heaviness of dreams. Feel young once again. Get blessed by nature, watch your worries disappear, seek within, nurture your soul, bring back the health, the hope, the harmony and the inspirations.

The packages offered here are in tune with the uniqueness of your body and mind, prevent ailments, improve overall health and invigorate your senses for a better life.

The posh cottages are at par with international standards with a well balanced architecture and an aesthetic design. They grant you a Feel of ‘home away from home’.

Our Specialties

• Neurological disorders

• Rheumatologic disorders

• Digestive disorders

• Cardiovascular disorders

• Pediatric disorders

• Gynecological disorders

• Life style disorders

• Skin disorders

• Cervical and lumbar spondylosis